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APIAC will be your last choice.

We invite you to our Discord. Familiarize yourself with what our product offers! We'll keep your server safe from cheaters.

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+1000 customers


544170 banned cheaters

See why APIAC is the best. Low prices and fast payments. You'll get your key right away, it's easy.

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Save up to ~60%




License includes

  • Anti mod Menus
  • Anti Weapon Spawn
  • Anti Prop/Object Spawn
  • Admin menu and Panel
  • Anti Spectate
  • And much more!

Our statistics

With the help of the statistics we collect you can easily
decide whether to entrust the security of your server to us!


Authorized logins


Banned cheaters


Secured players



Choose wisely

Please check all APIAC functions before purchase.

easy setup

Easy setup

After the purchase you will get anticheat files and you are able to install it with one command!

helpful staff

Helpful staff

By joining our Discord you gain access to the ticket system and you will get support quickly!



It does not affect the smoothness of the game.

high detection

High detection

Come to our Discord and check the strength of API.

improved features

Improved features

Learn about features that you won't find anywhere else.

not expensive

Not expensive

Looking at how API is strong, it's cheap.

Our Discord

Join our Discord and go to the next level.
You'll get reliable help and discover more features with our Discord integration.
You'll discover the full power of APIAC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Read our FAQ and find your answer.

Will anyone support me after the purchase?

Yes, we offer support to our customers directly via ticket on Discord.

Why don't you offer lifetime licenses?

Lifetime licenses are hard to maintain. Most ACs don't run a legitimate business, which means they don't guarantee you that this AC will work in a while. Lifetime is economically unviable and usually those who offer it are not able to guarantee that the AC will work in some time. With us, by opting for month/year, you are assured that our registered company will honor the terms of the contract and everything will be fine.

Will I be able to change the IP assigned to the license?

Yes, you will be able to do it through our panel!

Do you offer a trial?

We do not offer a trial period but we do have a 1 month license so it can serve as a trial.

How can I activate the license?

After purchasing the product, you receive a license along with a command to use on our Discord on the ticket.

Does the API work on the (ESX, QB, etc...) framework?

Yes, API works on every framework because it is standalone.

How can I contact your company?

You can go to our Discord and create a ticket, write to us on Facebook or e-mail: [email protected] (business inquiries/collaboration only).